About All Universities

All Universities is a website that lists, summarises, discusses, rates and compares all of Australia's 40 universities. It takes an independent, objective look at Australia's universities and the Australian university system.

All Universities was created to fill an information gap for people wanting to know about Australian universities. It is designed you can quickly see how the universities compare against each other and what makes each one unique.

StudyLaunch Australia

StudyLaunch Australia guide to university study.All Universities is part of the StudyLaunch Australia collection of knowledge sites. StudyLaunch Australia is a complete guide to studying in Australia. It links to useful sites on a wide range of university-related topics.

Sites such as All Universities have been purpose-built by StudyLaunch Australia to fill gaps in the information available to students.

List of all Australian universities, from Adelaide to Wollongong.
All of Australia's universities and the Australian university system.

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