Australian University Rankings

ANU rank in Australian university rankings.Rank 1 in Australian university rankings.Australian National University (ANU)ANU students attend one of the country's top ranked universities.

Canberra, ACT

Repute: 5.0Ratings: 4.5Results: 4.6ANU scores top marks for reputation due to its high world rankings. It is also scores well on course ratings and graduate results (with many progressing to advanced degrees).

UOW rank in Australian university rankings.Rank 2 in Australian university rankings.University of Wollongong (UOW)Wollongong students study at one of the best teaching universities.

Wollongong, NSW

Repute: 3.7Ratings: 4.7Results: 4.7UOW is always rated highly by graduates in terms of teaching and course quality. It also has a growing research reputation and produces excellent salary results for graduates.

UWA rank in Australian university rankings.Rank 3 in Australian university rankings.University of Western Australia (UWA)UWA students conduct a lab experiment. UWA is one of Australia's best research universities.

Perth, WA

Repute: 4.2Ratings: 3.3Results: 5.0UWA is Australia's top university for results, with graduates on generous salaries and many doing further study. UWA also achieves high academic rankings.

Melbourne Uni rank in Australian university rankings.Rank 4 in Australian university rankings.University of Melbourne (Melbourne Uni)Melbourne Uni students on the campus grounds of one of Australia's best universities.

Melbourne, VIC

Repute: 4.9Ratings: 2.6Results: 4.9Melbourne Uni is the second best university in Australia for academic research reputation and graduate outcomes. It is only let down by mediocre ratings for undergraduate courses.

UNSW rank in Australian university rankings.Rank 5 in Australian university rankings.University of NSW (UNSW)UNSW is the preferred destination for NSW's top students.

Sydney, NSW

Repute: 4.5Ratings: 3.4Results: 4.5UNSW is a prestigious university that is ranked very highly in terms of academic reputation and graduate results. Course satisfaction rates are also above average.

Adelaide Uni rank in Australian university rankings.Rank 6 in Australian university rankings.University of Adelaide (Adelaide Uni)Adelaide Uni is the city's best known university.

Adelaide, SA

Repute: 4.1Ratings: 3.2Results: 4.8Adelaide performs exceptionally well in terms of graduate salaries and rates of further study. It also has a strong research reputation and above-average course satisfaction rates.

UQ rank in Australian university rankings.Rank 7 in Australian university rankings.University of Queensland (UQ)Students of UQ - the top ranked Brisbane university.

Brisbane, QLD

Repute: 4.6Ratings: 3.8Results: 3.4UQ is Brisbane's highest ranking university for research. It also scores well on course ratings. Graduate outcomes are above average but unexceptional.

Monash rank in Australian university rankings.Rank 8 in Australian university rankings.Monash University (Monash)Monash University students studying at the biggest and one of the best Australian universities.

Melbourne, VIC

Repute: 4.4Ratings: 4.3Results: 2.7Monash scores very highly on research reputation and course ratings. Graduates results are average, perhaps reflecting the university's size - it is Australia's largest.

Sydney Uni rank in Australian university rankings.Rank 9 in Australian university rankings.University of Sydney (Sydney Uni)Sydney Uni attracts some of the country's top students.

Sydney, NSW

Repute: 4.7Ratings: 1.8Results: 4.3Sydney Uni is one of Australia's top ranked universities for research. Its graduates enjoy good salaries but express relatively low satisfaction with courses.

UNE rank in Australian university rankings.Rank 10 in Australian university rankings.University of New England (UNE)Students of UNE study in rural campuses and online.

Armidale, NSW

Repute: 1.4Ratings: 4.9Results: 3.8UNE, a mostly distance education university, gets exceptionally high course satisfaction ratings. Students enjoy good salaries soon after graduating.

University of Notre Dame Australian rank in Australian university rankings.Rank 11 in Australian university rankings.University of Notre Dame (Notre Dame)Students of Notre Dame Uni Australia are interviewed about spiritual matters pre-enrolment and receive pastoral care at university.

Fremantle, WA

Repute: 1.0Ratings: 4.8Results: 4.1Notre Dame receives high course ratings from recent graduates, perhaps reflecting the pastoral care they receive while studying plus good salary and employment rates after graduation.

Deakin University rank in Australian university rankings.Rank 12 in Australian university rankings.Deakin University (Deakin)Group of students working together at Deakin University.

Melbourne, VIC

Repute: 2.7Ratings: 4.6Results: 2.1Deakin has a solid international reputation for academic research. Courses satisfaction rates among recent graduates are close to the highest for an Australian university.

Bond University rank in Australian university rankings.Rank 13 in Australian university rankings.Bond University (Bond)Bond University students study on the Gold Coast and report high rates of course satisfaction.

Gold Coast, QLD

Repute: 2.3Ratings: 5.0Results: 1.8Bond is not especially well known for academic research. Graduate salaries are also unremarkable. But Bond receives the highest course satisfaction ratings.

The University of Western Sydney is well positioned in Australian university rankings due to high course ratings and graduate salaries.Rank 14 in Australian university rankings.University of Western Sydney (UWS)University of Western Sydney students at one of six campuses.

Sydney, NSW

Repute: 1.5Ratings: 4.1Results: 3.2UWS has high rates of overall satisfaction with courses across its 6 campuses in Sydney's western suburbs. It also achieves solid results for graduate salaries and employment.

QUT features in Australian and world university rankings.Rank 15 in Australian university rankings.Queensland University of Technology (QUT)QUT students on campus near the Brisbane CBD.

Brisbane, QLD

Repute: 3.6Ratings: 2.8Results: 2.2QUT has a good reputation globally on the strength of its technology-focused research activities. Course satisfaction ratings are solid as well.

Though not featuring high up in university rankings, ECU is highly rated for teaching.Rank 16 in Australian university rankings.Edith Cowan University (ECU)Edith Cowan University students at the main campus in Perth's northern suburbs.

Perth, WA

Repute: 1.0Ratings: 4.4Results: 3.3ECU is not noted for academic research but is highly rated for teaching, with high student satisfaction. Graduate employment rates and salaries are also strong.

The University of South Australia is towards the middle in Australian university rankings.Rank 17 in Australian university rankings.University of South Australia (UniSA)University of South Australian students in a science lab class.

Adelaide, SA

Repute: 2.9Ratings: 4.0Results: 1.6UniSA has a significant global reputation for research without being one of Australia's top ranked universities. It also gets high course satisfaction ratings.

La Trobe University is one of the higher ranked Australian universities.Rank 18 in Australian university rankings.La Trobe University (La Trobe)La Trobe University students in the library.

Melbourne, VIC

Repute: 2.6Ratings: 3.6Results: 2.3La Trobe gets strong course satisfaction ratings across its suburban, regional and inner-city campuses. La Trobe promotes innovative, goal-based teaching.

The University of Tasmania is generally ranked in the top 20 of Australian universities.Rank 19 in Australian university rankings.University of Tasmania (UTas)University of Tasmania students in the medical precinct of the Hobart city centre.

Hobart, TAS

Repute: 2.4Ratings: 2.9Results: 3.1UTas is an all-round kind of university. It is recognised for research, gets solid course satisfaction ratings and its graduates do nicely in terms of salaries, employment and further study.

Murdcoch University gets high course satisfaction ratings.Rank 20 in Australian university rankings.Murdoch University (Murdoch)Students of Murdoch University strolling through the suburban campus.

Perth, WA

Repute: 1.8Ratings: 3.7Results: 2.9Murdoch has a modest reputation for academic research but is rated highly in the Australian Graduate Survey. The Survey also reports solid salary and employment results.

The University of Newcastle, Australia is prominent in university rankings.Rank 21 in Australian university rankings.University of Newcastle (Newcastle Uni)International students of the University of Newcastle, Australia.

Newcastle, NSW

Repute: 3.2Ratings: 3.1Results: 2.0Newcastle Uni is above average in academic reputation and for course satisfaction ratings. Its ranking is hurt by below-average salary and employment outcomes for graduates.

Curtin University is high up in Australian university rankings.Rank 22 in Australian university rankings.Curtin University (Curtin)Curtin University student participating in the Shave for a Cure charity.

Perth, WA

Repute: 3.5Ratings: 2.3Results: 2.4Curtin is one of Australia's higher ranking universities in international tables. Its course ratings and graduate salaries are about average though.

The University of Southern Queensland is one of Australia's high ranking universities for graduate salary and employment outcomes.Rank 23 in Australian university rankings.University of Southern Queensland (USQ)University of Southern Queensland students.

Toowoomba, QLD

Repute: 1.3Ratings: 2.4Results: 4.4USQ has only a small reputation for academic research and gets average course ratings. But the mainly distance education uni achieves strong salary and employment outcomes.

Federation University misses out in world university rankings but gets good ratings and graduate salary results.Rank 24 in Australian university rankings.Federation University (FedUni)Federation University students in regional Victoria.

Ballarat, VIC

Repute: 1.0Ratings: 3.5Results: 3.6FedUni is a small regional university that is popular with international students. It gets good course satisfaction ratings and employment results for graduates.

Charles Darwin is not high up the university rankings but scores well in terms of graduate salaries and employment.Rank 25 in Australian university rankings.Charles Darwin University (CDU)Charles Darwin University students walking to class.

Darwin, NT

Repute: 2.1Ratings: 1.7Results: 4.2CDU has more distance education students than people studying at its facilities across the Northern Territory. It does best in terms of graduate salaries and employment.

The University of Technology, Sydney is one of Australia's higher ranked universities according to traditional ranking methods.Rank 26 in Australian university rankings.University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)Students of the University of Technology, Sydney.

Sydney, NSW

Repute: 3.8Ratings: 2.7Results: 1.1UTS is strongly ranked in the traditional rankings based on academic reputation. It is about average for course ratings and does relatively poorly in terms of graduate outcomes.

Griffith University is ranked outside Australian top 20 after factoring in course ratings and graduate salaries.Rank 27 in Australian university rankings.Griffith University (Griffith)International students of Griffith University.

Brisbane & Gold Coast, QLD

Repute: 3.1Ratings: 2.5Results: 1.9Griffith is an average kind of university based on performance measures. It has a solid reputation internationally, has average course ratings and is a bit below par on graduate outcomes.

James Cook University is listed in world university rankings.Rank 28 in Australian university rankings.James Cook University (JCU)Students outside the entrance of James Cook University.

Townsville, QLD

Repute: 2.8Ratings: 2.0Results: 2.5JCU has an international research reputation in tropical and marine fields. Course ratings are not as high as most universities while graduate outcomes are about average.

The University of Canberra rarely features in university rankings but rates well in terms of getting people into jobs.Rank 29 in Australian university rankings.University of Canberra (UCan)University of Canberra students studying hard.

Canberra, ACT

Repute: 1.7Ratings: 1.6Results: 4.0UCan has a modest reputation and tends to suffer from comparisons with ANU, its prestigious neighbour. Nonetheless, UCan graduates do well in the job market.

Flinders University was never destined to be a top ranked university after being formed to cater for surplus demand for uni places.Rank 30 in Australian university rankings.Flinders University (Flinders)Flinders University students working together on a project.

Adelaide, SA

Repute: 2.2Ratings: 2.2Results: 2.8Flinders is a humble university in suburban Adelaide. It does OK on reputation, ratings and graduate outcomes without excelling on any of the three performance measures.

Macquarie University is one of Australian top raking unis based on academic research publications.Rank 31 in Australian university rankings.Macquarie University (Macquarie)Macquarie University students on the march.

Sydney, NSW

Repute: 4.0Ratings: 1.9Results: 1.2Macquarie is often ranked among Australia's top 10 universities. But graduates are not especially happy with courses overall and fare poorly in terms of salaries and employment.

Swinburne University of Technology is not ranked highly but students express high rates of course satisfaction.Rank 32 in Australian university rankings.Swinburne Uni of Technology (Swinburne)Swinburne students on the lawns of the Hawthorn Campus.

Melbourne, VIC

Repute: 1.9Ratings: 3.9Results: 1.3Swinburne's technology-related research gives it an international academic profile. A goal-based teaching style produces strong course ratings but mediocre graduate salaries.

The Australian Catholic University is virtually unknown outside Australia but has facilities spread along the eastern seaboard.Rank 33 in Australian university rankings.Australian Catholic University (ACU)The Australian Catholic University has a high proportion of female students.


Repute: 1.0Ratings: 2.1Results: 3.5ACU does not have a significant academic reputation. Although course ratings are below average, (mostly female) graduates do well in terms of employment rates and salaries.

The University of the Sunshine Coast has a low ranking but the vast majority of graduates are happy with the courses.Rank 34 in Australian university rankings.University of the Sunshine Coast (USC)University of the Sunshine Coast students relaxing on the expansive campus lawns.

Sunshine Coast, QLD

Repute: 1.0Ratings: 4.2Results: 1.4USC is a small university without a significant research reputation. It is rated highly by graduates for course satisfaction even though graduate pay outcomes are relatively weak.

RMIT University features in world university rankings.Rank 35 in Australian university rankings.RMIT University (RMIT)RMIT Uniersity students talking in a common area.

Melbourne, VIC

Repute: 3.3Ratings: 1.5Results: 1.5RMIT is one of Australia's better known research universities. It rates quite poorly for course satisfaction (relative to others) and graduate outcomes are also mediocre.

Charles Sturt University lacks an international academic reputation to give it a ranking using traditional methods.Rank 36 in Australian university rankings.Charles Sturt University (CSU)Charles Sturt University students on their way to a morning lecture.


Repute: 1.0Ratings: 1.4Results: 3.9CSU does best in the area of graduate outcomes, which is often the case for universities with mostly distance education students. Course ratings are low and CSU lacks a world ranking.

CQUniversity generally is unranked or has a low ranking.Rank 37 in Australian university rankings.CQUniversity (CQU)CQUniversity students taking notes in class.

Rockhampton, QLD

Repute: 1.0Ratings: 1.1Results: 3.7CQU does not have a big reputation and performs relatively poorly in terms of course satisfaction. But graduates receive good salaries and have high employment rates.

Victoria University has a low ranking.Rank 38 in Australian university rankings.Victoria University (Vic Uni)Victoria University students catching a bus.

Melbourne, VIC

Repute: 1.2Ratings: 1.2Results: 2.6Vic Uni is as much a vocational training institution as a university. It has an applied focus and performs OK in terms of graduate salaries and employment.

Southern Cross University generally doesn't feature in world university rankings.Rank 39 in Australian university rankings.Southern Cross University (SCU)Graduation day for students of Southern Cross University.

Lismore, NSW

Repute: 1.0Ratings: 1.3Results: 1.7SCU performs poorly on all three measures and is Australia's bottom ranked university. It is a regional operator that partly specialises in distance education.

The University of Divinity is a collection of Christian education colleges that lacks a university ranking.Unknown rank in Australian university rankings.University of Divinity (Divinity Uni)University of Divinity students in a tutorial.

Melbourne, VIC

Repute: 1.0Ratings:  ?Results:  ?Divinity Uni is a new, small university that brings together a group of Christian theological colleges. There is insufficient data to rate or rank Divinity Uni.

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